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Apple iOS 8 Features Overview And Quality.

Apple iOS 8 is the biggest release for its customer and developers till date. This I-PHONE has fancy look and lashed with great easily applicable gazette. Apple has not leaved any creativity to look it simple and natural in all ways and experience. The all enhancement and features deserves the new look and feature of this phone. Every key and function has made to enlarge its capacity and creativity to serve the phone holder more and more efficient to consider the next features and steps. Every new adds provide a pleasant surprise to its holder.

This mobile is using the most advance operating system. The main thing is that you can get the complete experience to take the photo
and edit and organize that, you will feel the innovations. iOS 8 provide the facility to add your voice into a text message.  

When you want to fit in health, you will be gone to gym and spent the money to take the instructions and tips of trainer, this phone will provide the health consensus tips through the given apps and you can communicate with trainer and doctor without meet them.

The company has provided the tools to provide the deeper access to add the keyboard options and way to share the content to other persons.

                                                   (Apple iOS - 8)

This mobile iCloud photo library is easily viewable and consistent your devices. Picture quality will be superb due to advance technology. It is very easy to rediscover you favorite photos to use the technology of this phone. You can tap your voice and send the video which you recorded and can share your location with your friends, colleagues and family member. A respond notification will be make you convenient and time saving features managing your mails as well as will provide the shortcuts to talk to people, and all of these features will be attached with touch screen.

A very important feature has added by the developers in the contest of e-mail submission that is, you can start an e-mail on one device and seamlessly continue on another and the phone owner can answer phone calls on their Mac or iPod as well as send SMS message from any of the device.

These features are very impressive to all customers, who want to add Apple iOS 8 in his latest I- Phone instruments. 

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