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Alexa Verification Is Necessary To Know The Rank Of Site.

Alexa ranking provides the correct ranking of your site and verified that viewers, who are visiting on your site. It is a measurement key to know the health of your site, market value and richness of content. So, many bloggers or site owners register them to know the daily update of site visitors and take the benefit of Alexa pro offer.
When I read several articles on blogger site, they guided to register the site or blog in Alexa. First time i could not understand how I enroll and verified by blog on Alexa site.

That time I was beginner and know a littlebit about the blogging. When I read in newspaper, that, so many bloggers are earning money by writing articles on their blog through Google Ad-Sense, then I started to learn the process to make the blog and get the assistance of Google Blogger.  

Here I would like to share my knowledge with beginners that how they can verify their sites on Alexa and enjoy the worldwide visitors update on Alexa site.

First you open the site through link:- www.alexa.com

Now sign in with the help of your mail or facebook account. Now claim your site to verify ownership. There are three option will see on your site like – Method 1 (Upload an alexa verification file, Method 2 (Add an Alexa verification ID to  ...), Method 3 (Certify your site’s metrics …), choose one of them and do as per instruction receive by Alexa. Here I have chosen option number 2 and share the process here.  

When you press second option. (Method 2). A message will reflect that add an Alexa verification ID to the homepage of your site and verify.

Now you copy the whole HTML code and open the template in your site dashboard and search the ‘head’ option as seen in picture and place your code after <head>. Now press the save template button, if it save without showing any error message. Your work has been done 99%.

    (You can opt any of three)(Pest the generated code like below picture)

Now you come with alexa main page and press the verify button. After completion of verification you will receive the message “yoursite has been verified”.

Then you list your site name with complete address, country selection and save the changes. You will receive the message that “your information has been successfully saved”.

Then press ok and give the 2 days time to Alexa to update your site.

you can ask any question regarding this, if you are facing any problem.

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